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Art Nobilitas (ANBL) is the first and only Crypto that has an underlying, that means it has some real and tangible values sustaining its quotation.
The underlying is based in till a maximum of not convertible 1 billion USD value Artworks and till 1 billion convertible USD gold ingots fund.
Each deposited gold ingot weighs 100 grams and has a minimum carat average of 22K.
ANBL has been issued in 1 billion units with a standard facial value of 1 USD; a pre-ICO is already running with some special promotions like the GAP Certificate Package (Gold Agreement Protection) and the Standard Package.
ANBL means the investor can have a free-to-mind approach to the speculative markets with high yeld – high risk with the safety parachute of the swap option ANBL/Gold ingot, the said Gold Agreement Protection that preserves the invested capital.

We believe that investments in Art and in gold are the best long term safe investment together with real estate.
Of course, the value increasing of those safe investments are not so big along the time, so the ANBL creator has imagined to connect those strong values to the crypto market to supply a “royal” guarantee to the investors.
Moreover, inside our fund of Artworks we can later, depending on the market’s situation, swap the underlyings with other potential refuge goods as precious certified ancient jewels or high value ancient buildings and castles or even sell Italian masters Artworks in a shared community of small to medium investors.
All our underlying of artworks is based on the list of the ”All time 80 biggest Italian Masters from the XIV Century till XX Century”.
Our aim is to make ANBL the new standard token to be used as a kind a fiat currency to regulate transactions between all the other cryptos.

Each subscriber of the GAP pre-ICO (and later ICO) package will receive a Guarantee Certificate that allows the owner to swap the purchased ANBL in a Gold ingot of 100 grams (at least 22K) without considering the current value of ANBL.
The GAP Guarantee is strictly personal and not transferable or assignable; only in case of premature death it goes to the legal inheritors.
If the investor that has the GAP Certificate, has also sold all or part of all of his ANBLs before the swapping request, he can buy the ANBLs he may need on the market to compose the 5,000 units package per each GAP Certificate.
Subscriber can also ask to sell the ingot in his behalf at the current LMBA fixing price and receive the cash amount (bank to bank wire transfer).

The guarantee has only one condition: it can be used not before two years from the date of issuing. We believe that during the said latency period, the value of ANBL will go strongly upper than the purchasing price and nobody will be so mad to swap it.

If the value of ANBL reaches in any moment the value of 10 USD per unit, the GAP Guarantee ends, and no swap will be possible anymore.

The customer has to firstly open his Phantom wallet and insert the correct alphanumeric code inside the identification and request form (KYC).
Art Nobilitas ANBL during the pre-ICO and ICO period, can be bought completing the identification and request form (KYC) and sending a wire bank transfer to our bank.
Once the payment will be registered and confirmed, the package will be credited on customer’s Phantom wallet and he will receive at his own address the original GAP certificate by express mail.
The GAP certificate original second copy will also be sent via certified e-mail to him.
Customers can opt to get only the second original GAP certificate by e-mail.
The certificate is issued in his name and only the customer can have the right to activate it.

Follow the link provided by our website and download the APP.
Phantom works as an extension of your browser, so we suggest, after the installation, to fix it on the top bar of the browser to reach it quickly, and to use your laptop / desktop to avoid the risk of loss of the ANBL units.
It is strictly important you save your ID code and PW with the 12 worlds safety procedure to recover your wallet in a safe place, possibly in written.


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